We are CHECK YA HEAD, a brand from Russia. We are into making hats and other accessories since 1999. We come from Yekaterinburg. It is in the Urals. It is rocks, pine trees, six months a year of snow and ice. Survival here wouldn't be possible without getting warm, protected and gentle. All of this meets in us, in our work and materials that we use. We use wool for heat and we choose various additives for everlasting and soft wear.

When we started the brand in 1999 it was the times of streetwear, skateboarding and snowboarding going strong, and we played a hand in developing this culture in the Ural region.

Since then, quite a fanbase has built for CHECK YA HEAD, ranging from our buddies in skateboarding to big corporate clients such as Megafon and Red Bull, that we've done large orders for, making hats for sports events.

We become stronger with inspiration, traditions and constant search for new ideas in design, experimenting with materials and technology. This is what makes us strong upon the path of creating beauty and making it practical. CHECK YA HEAD resides in all the things that you value us for.

We felt the need to evolve and so in 2015 we performed a complete rebranding – starting with new identity, creating deeper collections for all seasons, finishing with covering wider sales geography. Today CHECK YA HEAD is sold all around Russia, from Moscow all the way to Vladivostok.


In our desire to grow we launched a new project - a premium brand called a°t't". About The Tower is a line of hats and accessories made from exclusive materials, it has become our drive for applying our competence in design and innovation.

Work and progress, responsibility and drive to perfection – this is the important parts of CHECK YA HEAD. But all of this would have no meaning without you – people that we work for here, in the Urals, making beauty warm, safe and gentle.

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