We started this back in 1999 and we were really into hip-hop culture. So Beastie Boys and their album CHECK YOUR HEAD, certified double Platinum, were the two reasons prompting us to give this name to our headwear brand.

1999 was the year when all the streetwear, skateboarding and snowboarding flourished in the Urals, not without our art and part in it.

Since then, CHECK YA HEAD has gained quite a following, from our boarding friends to large corporate customers like Megafon and Red Bull, who commissioned us to make merchandise hats for sports events.

Inspiration and tradition, constant search of new designs and experiments with materials and technology is what we are strongly rooted in on our path to creating eye appeal, while making it useful. Everything you value us for is what makes us CHECK YA HEAD.

Our desire to evolve lead us to a full rebranding in 2015, from changing brand identity to creating more vibrant collections for all seasons to geographic expansion of sales. So in today’s Russia you’ll find lots of places where they sell our brand, from Moscow to Vladivostok.

CHECK YA HEAD the brand’s corner stones are our achievements, creativity, responsibility and drive for perfection, but still none of it would make any sense without all of you, the people for whom we make beauty warm, safe and gentile here, in the Urals.

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