We are infinitely inspired by Yekaterinburg and the Urals, and it's not just its' amazing nature, but also the sublime legacy of constructivism.

a°t't" (About The Tower) is our new premium brand. We launched it in 2015, naming it after the architectural monument of constructivism called White Tower, located in the iconic district of Yekaterinburg - Uralmash.

White Tower is Russian Federation industrial heritage. When we were creating the collection of hats and accessories for a°t't", we were trying to sustain that high note of clean lines in shape, exclusive materials and unique details.

Everything about a°t't” is sustaining the same style. Starting with identity and logo where the brand name resonates with geographical location of White Tower - its latitude and longitude, and finishing with high quality workmanship and unmanifested, but still very important nuances.

a°t't" is a way to experiment, much like constructivism used to be. This is where we create new shapes, keeping in mind their function.

a°t't" is style with a touch of Urals.

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